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Body Cameras

With over 4,000 police agencies using our products, VIEVU is the largest body worn camera manufacturer for law enforcement. VIEVU’s products are law enforcement / military grade camera systems. Built tough for professionals. Our body worn video cameras are easy to wear and use. Holding a video camera does not always make sense. Use VIEVU to record hands-free video & audio from your point of view.

Is liability hindering your work? Are you compromising your services due to concerns for potential lawsuits or complaints? VIEVU body worn video cameras allow you to do your best work without fear of repercussions. Our wearable video cameras save you time. They improve document efficiency and reduce paperwork. You will increase accuracy and accountability in a wide variety of environments.

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The LE3 Body Worn Camera Used By Over 4,000 Police Agencies Worldwide

VIEVU LE3 Body Camera

The LE3 is rugged, waterproof and easy to use. The camera clips to a uniform to record both the actions of the wearer and those in its field of view. LE3 features include HD video resolution, 16GB internal memory and up to 12 hours of record time. The LE3 camera is powered by VIEVU’s VERIPATROL™ software system. Video evidence is securely stored and catalogued with a FIPS 140-2 compliant digital signature process to verify the video has not been altered. Additionally, if the camera is lost or stolen, VIEVU’s VidLock security software will prevent unauthorized access to video evidence.


  • Selectable Video Resolution: 1280×720 HD or 848×480 Widescreen SD
  • Enhanced Image Quality and Low Light Capability
  • 5 hour Record Time; 12 Hours with Extended Battery Pack
  • 16GB of Internal Storage
  • Mute Functionality
  • Local Time or GMT Date & Time Stamp
  • Digital Signature Security
  • Best Forensic Field of View: 68 Degrees
  • Waterproof (IPX5, Non-Submersible)
  • Dimensions: 3″ × 2.1″ × .85″
  • Weight: 2.8oz
  • Compatible: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
  • Green Design – RoHS & WEEE Certified

Why Choose the LE3?

Don’t be fooled by a ‘fisheye’ field of view (FOV). The LE3 uses a wide 68 degree lens to capture the best forensic high definition video exactly as experienced by the Officer. Cameras with a ‘fisheye’ FOV will distort distances and misrepresent the proximity of a threat (beyond 21ft/Tueller Drill), or expose objects and persons outside the Officer’s focus. The LE3’s lens allows for the most accurate forensic analysis, distance measurements, crime scene reconstruction, and ensures maximum evidentiary value when you need it most.

VIEVU Solution

VIEVU partnered with Microsoft® to develop the VIEVU Solution™ Cloud platform on Microsoft® Azure Government, the first enterprise Cloud designed specifically for United States government customers that directly supports CJIS. The VIEVU Solution allows government customers to store their data in the Cloud without concern over CJIS compliance. Microsoft® Azure Government has statutory CJIS compliance to state laws, regulations, agency requirements and is FBI-certified. VIEVU Solution includes 60 GB of storage and only costs $55 per camera per month.


For customers who choose to store their video on-site, the LE3 is compatible with VERIPATROL™, a secure networkable software system for the storage, retrieval and management of video files. VERIPATROL utilizes a FIPS 140-2 compliant Digital Signature process to prove that the video has not been altered and VidLock security prevents unauthorized access if the camera is lost or stolen. The purchase of an LE3 includes VERIPATROL software.


Use VERIPATROL Mobile™ to free up your Officer’s time at the end of shift. VERIPATROL Mobile enables officers to review video at full resolution and frame rate (30fps), and effortlessly input metadata using a full size keyboard right from the patrol car. VERIPATROL Moble can be further enhanced by upgrading to Mobile+ to allow wireless transfer of the video files over 4G/Wi-Fi from the patrol car to the VIEVU Solution Cloud or VERIPATROL, using BeeNetwork’s proprietary and patented LinkPro software system.


Use the Multi-Dock to automatically download video, metadata and recharge up to 15 LE3 cameras. The Multi-Dock also provides a camera checkout process to efficiently manage your camera supply. When combined with VERIPATROL Mobile, officers can input metadata in the field and simply dock and walk away.


The LE3 uses a lithium-ion battery to record up to 5 hours and has a standby time of 72 hours. Recording life can be extended up to 12 hours with an optional external battery pack. The LE3 can be recharged using a wall adapter, car adapter or via USB. Never worry about your camera running low in the middle of your shift.


The LE3 includes two interchangeable clips, which are suitable for most uniforms and jackets. However, VIEVU understands that uniform styles vary and worked with 5.11 Tactical® to design a custom uniform attachment strap that can be applied to any uniform or jacket to securely mount the camera in the ideal location. The chest-worn LE3 does not obstruct an Officer’s range of motion and provides an optimal video perspective free of obstruction when worn correctly. PoliceOne reports 71% of officers using body worn cameras prefer a chest mount as opposed to glasses or other mounting locations. The camera’s durability and slide on/off switch makes the device easy to operate in stressful environments or when wearing gloves.